Book or view is a web app developed by two entrepreneurs with a desire to keep looking fresh at all times.

The salon and barbershop experience is one which has proven to be unique. A forum to educate and connect the public across all age groups often seen as the heart beat in working class communities. However with the rise of technology and need for convenience its critical we see a step change in salons and barbershops.

Many salons and barbershops are still managing their appointments through a diary and have not yet grasped the concept of a personalised service. There are apps which allow you to book an appointment but the big issue is you don’t know which stylist your getting. The majority of bookings are still done via a telephone call due to lack of technology. Many barbershops still offer no appointments and the availability of your favourite stylist is often a mystery.

Book or view aim to address all these problems and it’s FREE? With the sole purpose to improve customer service and help salons and barbershops maximise their profits.


For the Client


Search for your local or favourite stylist


Check stylist availability and book an appointment


View status updates, working hours and calendars of your favourite stylists If your stylist does not offer appointments check how busy the salon is before making the journey

For the Salon


Keep your clients up-to-date with movements of each stylist and what’s happening in the salon to manage demand


Receive appointment requests based on the availability of each stylist


Receive new clients by increasing your discover-ability with book or view. Use the free chair functionality to alert clients when a stylist is available to ensure the chair is never empty